Odessey The Podcast

This is Odessey The Podcast, where we all walk, run, crawl together during this Odyssey we call life.

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Odessey The Podcast is home to the millennial who is doing the work to become a better person. They start their day with an organic juice, enjoy yoga, nature, reading, all things enlightenment and spirituality while ending the day with the goal to recharge. They believe that mental wellness is the key to a better life. Our listeners listen to Odessey The Podcast as a resource and a place of solitude to get through life’s woes.


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Gwen Stacee, 02/09/2021

A vibe !

A GREAT chill podcast that truly helps set the tone for the week! Love the lenght as well, perfect for walks.


Daniel Hufford, 08/12/2022

Great Podcast!

The  first time listening, it was definitely what I needed at this time. And I will definitely continue listening.

Desirae Tucker 

I am media professional with over 10 years of experience in the music business, public relations, graphic design, podcasting, music journalism, concert photography, and radio located in Atlanta, GA.  


I am now a new mommy to a little boy and leaning into a different space and re-learning life as a mom and a creative. I have always held health and wellness as a priority since I've had the pleasure of dealing with multiple personalities, and scenarios in the industry.  With all of my life experience over time, I have become an advocate for mental stability while in the industry. 


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