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Who is Des ?


Desirae is a media professional with over 10 years of experience in music business, public relations, graphic design, podcasting, music journalism, concert photography, social media, radio and digital marketing focusing on campaign analytics.


Desirae is an alum of Kennesaw State University where she also started her radio career and holds a Bachelor's of Science in Communications (Media Studies) with a certification in Music & Entertainment Business. With so much passion for music and entertainment Desirae once co-owned and established a music media platform that gave a stage to young entrepreneurs, artists, and activist within the Atlanta underground scene.

Desirae has recently transitioned behind the microphone as an on-air radio personality, known as "DesiiTee". She is now one of the host for the hit show 'Voices in the Streets: Unfiltered" on Atlanta's legendary news and talk radio station 1380 WAOK-AM. Desirae can be heard on the radio, through smart speakers, or the Audacy App every Sunday from 4-7PM. 


As a creative person Desirae understands the importance of health and wellness and has become an advocate for mental stability while in the industry space. In December of 2020 Desirae created  "Odessey The Podcast" that focuses on mantras and affirmations to help young men and women get through their busy week as a creative. As she grows the podcast to reach those that resonate with her, she is continuing to heal herself to help others. 

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