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Let Me Re-Introduce Myself...

Updated: Oct 17, 2022

Home swimming pool

Welcome Welcome Welcome!!

It's me, Des! First of all, WE HAVE A WEBSITE and this is now home!

I'm so excited to be expanding Odessey The Podcast to more than just a podcast. I came to realize to be more, we need more. My goal is to create a footprint in this world, to be a vessel for messages, and allow my experiences to help others. I pray that God uses me to make an impact whether it be big or small. Over time, I learned to even walk in my own purpose it is going to be hard work and God got you along the way.

So here we are, with our official website, episodes are edited by someone else, sponsorships getting placed in the episodes, and products get sent to me. Truth be told, I would have never thought this for me. At this moment, I have only proved to myself that I AM CAPABLE.

  1. I gave myself a goal to have my website done by my birthday (October), and guess what; HERE WE ARE!

  2. Allowing someone else to edit my podcast was something that took a long time to decide on. But I decided to relieve myself and I deserved it. This is something that allowed me to free up time and space in my workload and put my energy towards other things, like being a mom, or hell even writing this blog! So yay me for stepping outside of myself and trusting someone else.

  3. If you heard my latest episode, IT WAS FREAKING SPONSORED! How exciting. I had no clue how I ended up on someone's radar, but I did, and I'm happy about it. This only showed me that what I produce and create can get traction and can meet the standards of others. I honestly, doubted myself and held myself back to reach out to companies. I really got in my own way. Good thing this company reached out to me and helped me gain some confidence. Shout out to Magic Mind elixer. Head to Magic Use my discount code Odessey14 for 20% off your order.

Sitting here writing a blog, on MY website feels really good, and I feel like I'm walking in a good direction. I mean I've done this before a few times actually. I once had a site I attempted called "Perfectly Imperfect" (Still love that name BTW) where I was going to write about music and such while in college. Unfortunately, I didn't stick to it, and my first article on Nicki Minaj is somewhere in the internet universe.

My second go around at writing did its thing when I linked up with a college friend and became business partners creating the website (RIP) That alone meant so much and impacted a good part of my mid 20's. I was a young black girl jumping into media/ entertainment music world.

Lastly, when the pandemic hit I was cranking out articles left and right for Atlanta's radio station V-103. It was fun and exhausting but also aided in me losing my love for writing about music. There was a moment I felt like what I wrote wasn't good enough. I'm still trying to process falling out of love with writing about the culture. I am learning we tend to outgrow the things we once loved and that's okay.

Who is Des?

Moving on... This blog is essentially about who I am, If you made it this far I appreciate you.

  • I'm a new mom to a Christmas Baby.

  • I will more than likely be 30 for the next 4 years or so.

  • Born in GA, Raised in VA (757 to be exact), and made my way back to GA.

  • Part-Time Vegetarian/Vegan. Hell, I like to eat chicken sometimes.

  • Believer in the Farm before the Pharm.

  • Co-Host of a Talk Radio Show on 1380 WAOK.

  • Work From Home/ Stay At Home Mom.

  • Newly Loc'd.

  • Health and Wellness advocate

  • Learning to become a meditation teacher

  • Plant Mom/Dog Mom

  • Concert photographer

  • Once experienced anxiety and depression... REAL BAD

  • Affirmations and Mantras changed my life

Why Odessey The Podcast?

Odessey The Podcast was created during the pandemic on 12/21/21 to be exact when I felt I had something to say. The moment I thought about Odessey was the moment I felt aligned with some sort of purpose bigger than me. The goal of Odessey The Podcast is to reach out to those who resonate with me. I know my approach may be different but some people appreciate that and need my words as much as I need them. Odessey The Podcast is also a place for me to practice and heal. The great thing is that what I talk about is what I experience and the podcast helps me to remind myself of what I need to do. While doing so I'm hoping I can touch others at the same time who may be needing the flow of words as much as myself. I'm quick to admit, I'm not perfect and I want us to learn together with Mantras and affirmations if we need to.

I have so much planned for Odessey The Podcast but I am a firm believer that slow and steady wins the race. We are going to take our time and make sure things are done right. Odessey The Podcast is my baby and is the platform to set up Odessey Studios which will happen in divine timing.

That's all I have for now! Let's continue to get to know each other and I hope you all find a space and home here at Odessey The Podcast! So stay with me on this Odessey so we can run, walk, crawl, and read together to get through everything that comes our way as creators!

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